Control room


With the far-reaching automation we do this with GaaS - Growing as a Service. We bring these services with our partner, a well-known player in the field of advice on cultivation. Full control is managed from Wageningen.


The solution for year round Dutch knowledge in your indoor farm.



Vertical Farming


The concept of vertical or multilayer farming is a highly effective and very efficient indoor farming technique for growing crops. The Dutch have contributed significantly to the actual state of the art. The Dutch approach makes it possible to grow high quality products in the most extreme climate in an efficient manner.


Flat Farming


But if the land is cheap, Vertical Farming alone will not be sufficient.

Then in some cases we recommend a single layer system. Together with our client we determine what the best possible solution is. This depends on local conditions and desired products.



Closed Greenhouse


In some cases we can use sunlight for the cultivation process. Therefor we need a glasshouse. But GrowGroup IFS wants to maintain equivalent quality in the area of pesticide free and water conservation. In our indoor glasshouse solution we create and guarantee the same conditions as Vertical Farming.