Our consultants guide farming companies to improve cultivation processes, or as a sparring partner to grow towards the new generation of technology.

We offer this service on demand but also on a subscription structure, so that your head grower is coached several times a year to improve results in terms of quality and volume.


Good training for the operation of a farm is the key to success. We provide training programms for the most advanced indoor farm solutions. "New cultivation" is part of our programm. This can be done in our own facilities or on location.

University and agriculture schooling

GaaS Wageningen believes in sharing knowledge to provide food security all over the world. How to feed 10 biljon people in 2050? Therefore, the triple helix model is one of our mechanism to realize this.
Exchange with universities and colleges to further optimize tomorrow's food in our R&D facility. We want to be the motor between student exchange worldwide.



We have a partnership with Delphy. As a result, we guarantee knowledge level and remain close to Wageningen University & Research. This allows us to bring science together with business operations.